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Key in the Lock

Locksmith services, uPVC and misted glass repairs from LeedsUpvcRepair

Expert uPVC and misted glass repairs and locksmith services in Otley and the surrounding areas

We have a track record of providing top quality services in Otley and throughout Leeds, and are happy to help with your project.

Key Lock

Returning your property to its former glory

LeedsUpvcRepair and uPVC Repairs undertake all aspects of double glazing repairs and locksmith work in Otley and the surrounding areas. We can assist with repairs on all types of windows, doors, and patios to help them to be functional and practical for use. As a long-established business in the double glazing repair industry, we endeavour to fix your windows and doors as quickly as possible and aim to carry out our work with the minimum of disruption to your home or business.

uPVC repairs

We are specialists in uPVC door repairs and window repairs – if your door or window is faulty, won’t open or close easily or is out of alignment, we will be happy to help. We can provide all the services you need to maintain your uPVC doors and their locks, including lock replacement and door alignment.

Open Window

Misted glass repairs

A misted unit or blown double-glazed unit is where the window appears dirty or misted but cannot be cleared or cleaned. Interstitial condensation occurs either when the unit seal has failed and the airspace is saturated with moisture, or when an internal component (i.e. Georgian bars etc.) has deteriorated and given off organic solvents. Under both of these conditions, the appearance of condensation on one or both airspace surfaces can occur subject to the glass surface temperature. How long it takes for a blown or broken unit to show will depend on the position, in full sunlight or exposed to extremely wet conditions. This misting means that the double glazing unit needs replacing.

You can contact us for assistance with misted glass and for expert advice on misted glass repairs. 

Expert locksmith services

At LeedsUpvcRepair we are more than happy to help with a wide range of locksmith services, all completed to the highest quality and suited to you.

House lock out and lock in

We aim to be with you quickly when you want to get in or out of your property but can't. We are experts in getting you access when you need it.

Lock checks

If your doors are more than 5 years old they may not be fitted with the latest in secure locks for your home. Get a free lock check to be sure.

Lock Changes/Repairs

We can expertly check, repair, and replace locks on all your doors and windows either in an emergency or by appointment.

Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick Locks

We only fit the latest snap safe locks to protect you and your home. 3* DIAMOND BRISANT ULTION snap safe, anti-drill and anti-pick locks.

Garage/Outbuilding Locks

Don't stop with the house, and make sure your garage and outbuildings are secure too. Call us for expert advice.

The advantages of uPVC and double glazing repairs

Repair work is a lot less involved and disruptive than a replacement window installation, as well as being cheaper.

Repairing windows allows you to maintain the building as the architect intended or the preservation rules require.

Repair work is quicker, and you can stay more in control of your budget while still saving money on energy.


I would happily recommend MW Locksmiths. They have carried out all works in a timely fashion involving work on locks and also on replacement of hinges on uPVC Windows in order to realign them. Great service, reasonable price, tidy workmanship.

Mark replaced the handle to my front door today, which had been difficult to use for a while and the handle was also a bit loose. Arrived exactly when he said he would. Explained fully what the problem was and sorted the job there and then. Very efficient, professional and reasonable price. Very pleased and would definitely recommend. A really nice guy.

Mark responded the same day to repair my lock. He explained exactly what was wrong and had the right parts to effect the repair within ten minutes. Very reasonable price too. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend and would certainly use again.

Superb service and quality work by Mark. Came out on a Saturday evening after an attempted break in at our property, was incredibly helpful and fit new locks for us and also provided advice on the security of our other doors too. Highly recommend.

Combination Lock

Get in touch

For expert locksmith services, uPVC repairs and misted glass repairs, contact us at LeedsUpvcRepair for expert advice. We'll be happy to help.

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